What is Habitual Phoenix Coaching all about?

We want to be your guides for your life journey!

Are you curious about how you can authentically contribute to your family, employer, community, and the wider world?
Are you seeking a more genuine connection with your partner, family, friends, and work colleagues?
Do you have the courage to change your life story?
If you answered “YES!” to one or more of these questions, then Habitual Phoenix Coaching may be for you. Anna-Marie Duffy and John Mombourquette created Habitual Phoenix Coaching because they know that people like you have the potential to create the best version of yourself. Let Habitual Phoenix coaching be your guide as you use your inner phoenix power to transform yourself, one habit at a time.

Growth is nature's life force; growth gives you the power to transform your life, one habit at a time.

The Habitual Phoenix Coaching Promise: We offer a safe and non-judgemental space for the courageous exploration of your personal growth and healing.


Making the magic happen

What makes Habitual Phoenix Coaching unique

We offer four core client experiences: Life & Leadership Coaching, Learn from the Herd, Reiki Energy Healing, and Celtic Shamanic Coaching.  Each experience is focused on guiding the client’s ability to tap into the universal growth energy to which we all have access.  To do this, we help each client to focus on the following dynamics that shape the habitual growth process:



Presence is the conscious awareness of what is happening in the moment. Without the steady hand of presence, you can fall victim to “the little voice in your head,” the internal narrator who is always ready to undermine your best efforts by bringing up past failures or future fears.
Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is the positive belief that our mistakes and setbacks are really learning opportunities that will enable you to have even greater growth. A growth mindset allows you to forgive yourself when things don’t go your way, and it shows you how to turn the experience of dealing with an obstacle into a positive life event.
Emotional and Social Intelligence

Emotional and Social Intelligence

To access the fullest expression of the human experience, you need a balance between your heart (emotions) and your head (thoughts). Understanding how you can live both an emotional and a rational life increases your level of self-awareness, which leads to improved inter-personal relationships.
Personal Vision

Personal Vision

A personal vison seeks to find the answers to basic life questions, such as your future dreams, deepest passions, and life’s purpose. You have the freedom to create the life that you want to have. In other words, you have the power to write your own story. The only limitations are your imagination and beliefs about yourself.

Expand your toolbox

Want to know more about how to create lasting positive habits, one step at a time? Click below for our free PDF, “Willpower Is Not Enough: Six Strategies That Can Make Positive Habits Stick.”

john and anna-marie

About the Coaching Team

Working together to achieve great things

Anna-Marie Duffy and John Mombourquette first met on a blind date in 2012. John was a father with two children (both adopted and one with special needs), and Anna-Marie was a mother of one. That first dinner started a whirl-wind of non-stop conversation until the waiter politely noted, three hours later, that the restaurant was closing and he was going home.

A happy marriage and many adventures later, Anna-Marie and John now share a beautiful 1886 home in the Village of Ailsa Craig (roughly translated from the Gaelic as “fairy rock”), some 20 minutes north-west of London, Ontario.  Anna-Marie and John are committed to making their home a “coaching incubator” where they can grow and create the best version of themselves.

Learn more about Anna-Marie and John as Guides on the Client Experience pages.

Our opportunities

Client Experiences

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Making the magic happen

Five ways to know that you are ready to sign up for a Habitual Phoenix Coaching session:


I’m ready to make an investment in myself.

Congratulations on clearing the biggest hurdle in choosing coaching! Carving out time in your busy schedule and paying real money takes courage. You are worth it, and we will do our best to be worthy of you.

I need a third party guide who can be honest with me.

It is really tough to coach yourself (that little voice in your head again). Mom and Dad, Uncle Pete, and your friend Mary down the street may have given you excellent advice in the past, but right now you need something different.

I’m curious and I want to know more about myself.

As Socrates said, “Know Thyself.” The hardest person to know is the person you see in the mirror every morning. An experienced coaching guide can help you become better acquainted with your inner life.

I want to become better connected in my life relationships.

Better connections with your partner, family, friends, and colleagues means a stronger support network to help reach your goals!

I want to create a personal vision for the next phase of my life.

Whether you choose Life & Leadership Coaching, Learn from the Herd, Reiki Energy Healing, or Celtic Shamanism Coaching, consider your choice to be an adventure in lifelong learning and the start of the journey to discover your life’s purpose.

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