Universal spiritual practice

What is Celtic Shamanism?

As the oldest spiritual tradition of our species, Shamanism is an ancient and ever-evolving wisdom path that holds significant healing implications for contemporary humans. Our ancestors cultivated practices in order to experience a new level of awareness through a profoundly healing connection with all living beings. This universal spiritual practice is based on willingly accessing non-ordinary states of consciouness in order to obtain wisdom, guidance, vision, insight, healing and protection for self and for others. Shamanic practices have been in use for thousands of years on every inhabited part of our planet.

Celtic Shamanism integrates universal shamanic practices with the symbolism, mythology, fairy tales, and art of the ancient indigenous peoples of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and parts of England. Many Celtic tales include examples of legendary figures who purposefully travel into the otherworld, or non-ordinary states of consciousness, in order to gain magical objects, knowledge, wisdom, or power that is then used to bring healing to the land and to the people. Within the Celtic mind, the divine is everywhere, everything has spirit, all of life is interconnected, and the world of spirit infuses and enlivens our ordinary, daily reality.

Celtic Shamanic Coaching

Healing journeys

How does Celtic Shamanic Coaching work?

Celtic Shamanic Coaching includes shamanic healing journeys that the practitioner engages in on your behalf. Their journeying is achieved through the trained use of a rythmic drumbeat that opens up access to non-ordinary states of consciousness. In order to access these realms, every shamanic practitioner must have discipline and purpose in order to successfully interact with helping spirits in non-ordinary reality, while remaining grounded and present in this reality; they have developed strong connections to their own power animals and guides in order to retrieve wisdom that will help clients to reconnect to their own healing power.

Shamanic practices work in conjunction with any existing spiritual practice a client may already hold while empowering you on your transformative journey towards health and well-being; it is a non-exclusive, holistic healing method that works well in conjunction with other healing disciplines and alternative healing practices.


Learning expectations

What can I expect at a Celtic Shamanic Coaching session?

Celtic Shamanic Coaching sessions are experiential by nature and based on the needs of each client as identified through an initial discussion with the practitioner. The focus of an individual session may be one of the following:

  • Soul Retrieval – soul loss may occur when we experience something traumatic in our lives and a part of our soul leaves in order to protect itself. This is a survival technique that occurs due to many causes. Patterns of being and recurring themes in our lives could exist because we are unconsciously looking for a soul part that left. These patterns can gradually change when a soul part returns and is consciously integrated back home.
  • Power Animal Retrieval – we are born with power animals that give us spiritual power and protection. Power animal loss may occur, much like soul loss, when we experience something tramatic in our lives. Power animal retrieval helps to restore our spiritual power, activates their protection of us, and gives us renewed access to the specific medicine that they offer us.
  • Extraction Healing – sometimes we have misplaced energy, often called an intrusion, that is attached to us. These intrusions may cause energetic blockages that adversely affect the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of our lives. Extraction healing helps to remove this misplaced energy in order to restore our personal power and increase the ability for us to heal ourselves.
  • Divination Methods – we may seek answers to questions that we aren’t able to find on our own. Shamanic divination is the practice of seeking knowledge through journeying on your behalf to find an answer to your question. There are several shamanic divination methods that may be employed: body divination, tarot card divination, rune journeying, talking drum/rattling, sun spotting, and rock divination.

Once a session focus has been established, the client is given the option to lay, fully-clothed on a massage table, or sit in a comfortable chair while the shamanic practitioner journeys on their behalf, utilizing a drumbeat rhythm as accompaniment. During the drumming portion of the session, you may experience a sense of relaxation, slip into a meditative state, and/or fall asleep. Once the journey concludes, the practitioner records and shares a healing story that is specifically for you. Journaling by the client at the end of the session is highly recommended and follow-up reflective work at home is often suggested. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Anna-Marie Duffy

About your guide

As a shamanic practioner who traces part of her ancestry back to one of the present Celtic territories, Anna-Marie formally began her training as a student in the Celtic shamanic arts in 2019. Since the foundational journeying for beginners course, she has been captivated by the many faces of shamanism, her amplified relationship with all living beings, and the potential for healing self and others within traditional shamanic practices. As an avid learner and heart-centred practitioner, Anna-Marie completed training in Power Animal and Soul Retrieval, Divination Methods, Psychopomp training, and Extraction Healing as well as Essential Celtic Practices, Death and Dying, and Weather Shamanism; she continues to deepen her own relationship with her power animals and guides through her Celtic Shamanic Coaching offerings as well as her ongoing individual and group practices.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies is dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the Planet and its inhabitants.

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