Life force energy

What is Reiki?

Reiki has been practiced for over 2,500 years! After Dr. Mikaeo Usui rediscovered it in the early 20th century, the practice was standardized by one of his students and continues to be practiced worldwide. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning spiritually guided universal life force energy. Reiki is described as primal life force energy that is guided by the highest wisdom of the universe, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

There is growing awareness and acceptance that an invisible energy flows through all living beings. This wisdom has been a foundational belief within many different cultures for thousands of years. When our life force energy is diminished due to our experience of stress, pain, illness or worry, our overall well-being and health may be significantly impacted. Reiki energy works on multiple levels and addresses our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, to increase our life force energy and bring balance back to our lives. This energy can help to deepen your meditation practice, enhance your spiritual growth, realize the manifestation of your goals, and activate your own innate healing power.
Reiki Energy Healing

Energy flow

How does Reiki work?

Everything that is alive has life force energy flowing through it. This energy nourishes our bodies and supports our cells, tissues, and organs to perform their vital functions. When this flow of energy is hampered in any way, our health may become diminished in one or more areas of our body. Bronwen and Frans Stiene, authors of The Reiki Sourcebook, illustrate this condition perfectly by providing this example:

Envision a free flowing river. This beautiful river is like energy flowing easily down through the body. Occasionally, a pebble, or even a rock, will fall into that river, making the flow of the water a little more difficult. These pebbles are human worries, fear, anger, and each pebble builds on top of the other. Soon, there is only a trickle of water running in that once beautiful free-flowing river. And so, it is with energy in the human body. Energy flow can be obstructed so much that at this point physical pain may be experienced.

Your Reiki practitioner is a trained conduit for this life force energy, and along with your intention and openness to receive whatever is needed during a session, Reiki energy may help to shift those pebbles so that your life force energy becomes rebalanced and you experience a state of inner harmony and peacefulness.


Always unique

What can I expect at a Reiki session?

Reiki sessions are by nature very experiential and each session is unique. While Reiki is often done with a gentle touch, it can also be done with hands that hover above your body should touch be uncomfortable for you. Hand placements that are frequently included in a session are: areas on and around your head, neck, upper chest, abdomen, knees and feet, as well as your shoulders, elbows and hands. If it is comfortable for you, you may be asked to turn over or lay on your side during the session to facilitate hand placements on your back. Whether you choose to have a hands-on or hands-off session, know that the Reiki energy has its own intelligence and intuitively knows where it is needed most.

Generally, Reiki treatments are completed on a massage table, in a softly lit private room with calming music playing in the background. Clients remain fully clothed while shoes, glasses, watches, and any bulky jewelry are typically removed for the duration of the session. Sheets, blankets, pillows, a table warmer, an eye pillow and a bolster for your knees are available in order to provide maximum comfort. During the session, you may experience a deep sense of relaxation, fall asleep, and/or slip into a meditative state. Once the session is complete, you’ll be gently awakened and given a few moments to sit up slowly and reorient yourself to the room.  Following the session, Reiki life force energy continues to intuitively develop and evolve within you, providing healing that is specific to you and your needs.

Anna-Marie Duffy

About your guide

Anna-Marie Duffy began studying Reiki in 1992 while living and attending university in Montreal QC. At that time, she completed First Degree Reiki in the Usui/Tibetan system and was captivated by the way in which this healing modality activates your own innate healing power. Almost 30 years later, she felt the call to restart her Reiki journey by completing First and Second Degree Reiki in the Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki system in 2020, Third Degree Reiki in 2021, and her Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher Degree in 2022. Since 2020, she has offered in-person, distant, and horse-assisted Reiki sessions for clients. Anna-Marie’s in-person studio is now located in Ailsa Craig ON.

Looking for more information about Reiki?

Click here to go to the Center for Reiki Research website

Please note: Reiki energy healing is not a replacement for medical or mental healthcare. Reiki is a therapeutic approach that works well in combination with medical and psychological therapies in order to help facilitate recovery and healing.

Testimonial about Anna-Marie’s Coaching

My distant Reiki experience with Anna-Marie was very centering.  My nervous system and my emotions calmed down and I have seen more results after our session too. Some of my dreams literally started to show up and manifest in my life only a few hours after our session. Maybe it was something that finally clicked in, maybe I could now let go and be open to change. Maybe I just needed some peace of mind with a wonderful healer like Anna-Marie, who held a safe space so that I could go really deep. Maybe it was all of it. What I am sure of is this wasn’t my last session with Anna-Marie.

J.K., Life Coach